April 30, 2019


"I have had several transactions with Joel and his staff. They have always treated me honestly and with complete curtesy. I will not hesitate to do business with them again. Although in a small town his inventory and expertise can compete with any of the larger competitors. "
March 25, 2019


"I have been buying guns from Joel since 2005.Numerous handguns,rifles, and shotguns have been purchased usually at lower prices than other dealers in a 100 mile radius.He has also been able to find parts and repair firearms for me that no other gunsmith in ND could. Joel has also special ordered me ammo scopes and other items that I could not find from other sources.I always give him first chance at any new purchase.If it's not in stock it can usually be order in within a few days."
February 4, 2019


"Tired of high prices? Check out 4J Gun Pro. Tired of guns that don't work? Check out the gunsmithing services at 4J Gun Pro. Everything you need and experts to help you instead of commissioned salesmen. "
February 4, 2019

Gun owner hunter

"I’ve bought guns from Joel for years. Price is always right service is great and he’s a fun guy to be around."
February 4, 2019

"I've purchased and had repairs done by Joel at 4J for the past 15 years. Fair price and good work. I like the new web site."
4J Gun Pro